Welcome to BCT Australia.

As the owner of BCT Australia I felt it necessary to write this introduction personally. Consider this a brief insight into BCT Australia, its visions and its goals, written by the owner himself. It’s not an advertisement, a hype filled marketing campaign or a spin session like so many other online company profiles. I’ll tell you who we are, and why im here, and how we came to be here on the WWW.

I’m an Avionics AME by trade. Fortunately as Australia’s slowly foundering and outsourced aviation industry started to slide, I managed to diverge into other technology fields. I have worked predominantly in the aviation industry, automotive R&D and the instrumentation & automation sectors. An interesting 15+ year work history which has seen me work on everything from F-111 bombers, 747-400 Longhaul passenger liners & S-67 helicopters, to armoured troop carriers, Commodores, Hyundais, motorcycles & automated test facilities. Even a stint in vehicle crash testing as an ATD technician. Most of this work was in the development & building of new systems and new models and the support, maintenance and repair of the computer systems, instrumentation and hardware that supported them. My role as a technical support engineer has seen me in a variety of roles, some of them enjoyable, some of them just downright stressful, but all of them interesting and all of them at the forefront of modern technology utilizing the latest the industry has to offer.

It’s apparent by now im bit of a computer/techno fiend. Yes I love my technology, my gadgets and big boys toys. Im bit of a techno geek (but dealing with it!). I spent so much time sourcing, supplying & supporting equipment for friends, relatives, associates & employers that I decided to make a business of it.

BozCorp Tech came to be.

What we do:

BozCorp Tech sources and supplies technology, IT & consumer electronics products from not only the major name brand manufacturers, but also from other manufacturers around the globe whom we believe have noteworthy, innovative and value for money products. Most are sourced from local distributors, but many are imported by us. All products we supply come with their original manufacturer’s warranty, which we always honour in case of a legitimate claim. BozCorp Tech is continually expanding its range of quality goods and we have recently welcomed Leatherman, LED Lenser, Muela, CKT, Photon, NiteIze, Pacific Cutlery, Cold Steel , Axio & Carson Optics to our range. Lets face it – gadgets are great but you have to get off the PC and get outside sometimes – these makers are going to see to it that you are equipped as well outside as you are in.

How we do it:


  • PRICING: BozCorp Tech aims to keep its prices as competitive & affordable as possible. Something only accomplished in an online retail outlet. This means you get the best value for your dollar. You won’t see many specials here, because we try to keep all our prices low.


  • FAST DELIVERY: We couple the above with placing a high priority on delivery times and freight cost. BCT has access to bulk freight rates, from a number of carriers, and are always striving to find cheaper and faster ways of shipping goods. We do not make a profit on your freight, like so many other online outlets, what you see is what we pay ourselves. If you have large and heavy orders we will arrange special rates with you.


  • SERVICE: BozCorp Tech keeps its clients informed of their parcel progress from the moment it is ordered, notifies of any delays or backordered stock and tracks the parcel until it is delivered and signed for. We place a high priority on customer service. Questions, queries, enquiries, requests and calls for help are answered promptly, either by phone or email. Our emails are checked frequently and responded to promptly. You won’t get some disinterested shop assistant on $10 an hour, the odds are it will be me, the owner.


  • PERSONAL ATTENTION: While ordering on this vast internet can be somewhat anonymous and distant, we strive to remain in contact with our clients until their order is closed, and provide backup and assistance afterwards where required. Whether by email or telephone BCT is always in touch until you have your goods, and have them working. A dissatisfied customer is simply unnacceptable here at BozCorp Tech.


  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: The BCT website and processes are always under upgrade and improvement. From the functionality of our site to the despatch and notifications processes which we employ. Our latest improvement, in response to client requests, was to provide pre checkout shipping costs, on a per item basis, so you know exactly what you are up for before you hit the checkout.


  • RANGE: BozCorp Tech maintains access to a large range of the latest goods, and constantly search for the next generation technology.BCT is about to expand its range into a host of other products. Not exactly computer related, but if you love your gadgets you will love these. Keep your eye out for them. The goods in our range are considered Middle to High End – quality is important to us here at BCT so trashy throwaway products are not part of our inventory. Even our little keyring LED lights are of the utmost quality and totally backed by BozCorp Tech.


  • INFORMATION: We always try to supply as much relevant information on each product page as possible, along with links to the relevant manufacturer’s product page, so you can always know what you are buying, or at least check and research before you do. This is a time consuming process provided for the convenience of our clients.


  • SECURITY: BozCorp Tech utilizes 128 bit SSL on all account and checkout pages, so that you and your details are safe. We do not ask for credit card details and we do not store them. We utilize the Paymate processing system to preserve the security of your credit card transactions. They are Australian, they are noteworthy and have excellent card checking procedures to protect you, and us, from fraudulent card use.


We do not spam. We do not advertise and we do not share details.

So there you have it. That’s BCT Australia and how we started. Feel free to browse at your leisure. You won’t see a lot of advertising, or in your face flashy banners and popups – none in fact. Just what we have here for your perusal.

Looking forward to dealing with you, and welcoming you to our growing base of loyal happy customers.

Brian Osborn
BozCorp Tech Australia.
Owner and Director.

The Relevance of Web Design in Melbourne

The Relevance of Web Design in Melbourne

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Having a unique website is the first thing that defines your business. This is mainly so because it helps potential customers to spot your business among many competitors. When choosing GMG: web design Melbourne professionals, you should first request to see samples of previous works to gauge whether the group will manage to create an impressive website. 

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